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Connecting through groups

Practicing Mindfulness throughout your day is an increasing way to stay connected to oneself and to others. Whether it is a 2-hour workshop or a series of workshops, Mindful practices for students, parents and in the work-setting can reduce stress, reduce tension and increase one’s sense of purpose and productivity. Group workshops often provide valuable personal introspection while connecting with others. This is a great way to feel grounded, refreshed and continue with life’s most important priorities such as family and friends. Christina offers opportunities to gain clarity and awareness.

Groups often include guided meditations such as relational awareness, loving-kindness meditation and body scans to provide reflection and relaxation. Invite Christina to your school or small business for an experiential workshop.

Topics for adults or teens in a group setting may include:

Parenting Adolescents

Nurturing relationships while providing guidance when parenting adolescents can be challenging. Parents often seek counsel from other parents and what better way to do this than in a weekly group setting or in a focused workshop addressing this topic?

Women's Issues

Self-care, family-life and mid-life transitions are just a few among many issues that today’s women face amid a changing society. Seek the refuge among other like-minded women or have Christina present a workshop to take a deep dive into these topics.

Active Listening

Practice strategies to enhance communication & gain deeper understanding of one another.

Transitions at Work

Change is hard and can create fear in individuals. Talking through these concerns with all constituencies will lend itself to a more cohesive work environment.

ABC's of Mindfulness

Attention, balance and compassion are three distinct areas of mindfulness practice that can enhance our experience of day to day life. Explore these areas in a 2-hour workshop to practice these skills. 

Teen Life & Wisdom Talks

Teen topics and making critical choices are central to raising adolescents. Enlist Christina in a weekly focus group of teens for meetings in the privacy of your own home.

Leaning into Discomfort

Carefully guided discussions in a safe environment will allow individuals to feel heard & understood. Sometimes conflict resolution strategies are an effective tool when there is distress in the workplace


Working together for a common goal is wonderful and can sometimes also be challenging. Increase your ability to work together through communication, active listening strategies and a better equipped toolbox to manage collaborative work.  

About Group Workshops

Group classes are 90 minutes and scheduled once per week in a series of six sessions. Each package of six sessions can be extended as needed. Christina can provide on-going individual support on a sliding scale for individuals who have completed a six-week group class.

Past Workshops

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Teen Talk & Wellness Series

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